the colourful eyecatcher

for home & garden

the colourful eyecatcher

for home & garden


Chrysabella is the main crop of Berkhout Plants. These colourful potted chrysanthemums bring joy and sunshine into your home all year round and look stunning on your balcony and terrace during Summer.

Lovers of chrysanthemums will find inspiration, information and care tips right here. All possibilities for a Chrysabella and how to enjoy it for as long as possible.

We keep our business contacts informed about our product range and the sales possibilities of the Chrysabella.

In the short period during Winter when we grow limited Chrysabella’s, we offer seasonal product: Primula Obconica 'Touch Me'.

chrysabella assortiment


Berkhout Plants is a nursery growing potted chrysanthemums from the Chrysabella collection.

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There is a Chrysabella plants to suit every season, and they are suitable for keeping indoors or outdoors.

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Chrysabella potted chrysanthemums are very easy plants to care for.

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